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Originally from Japan, Taka has become the Director at HIROSHI Beverly Hills salon after accumulating years of experience in the beauty industry in both Japan and the USA. Known as the stylist that other stylists turn to, Taka's calm, hip, and innovative persona caters to a diverse clientele.


Taka's vision seamlessly fuses art and beauty. His cutting-edge skills include jaw-dropping cutting techniques and bold color styles, setting him ahead of his time. From strong-contrast balayage to perfectly blended subtle balayage ombre, Taka's hair paint techniques are captivating, with his soft razor bob style being his signature.

Taka, an expert in working with all hair textures and permanent hair straightening, travels internationally with Hiroshi, teaching cutting-edge haircuts at various hair shows. He also plays a crucial role in educating assistants within the HIROSHI salon. Explore Taka's impressive portfolio on Instagram @takatotheedge for a visual journey into his innovative and distinctive hairstyling world.

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Bookings and Inquiries/Consultation

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- Phone:310-273-6715





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