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Mother -Beautiful and Strong-

Mother's Day is coming up soon and we wanted to take the time to talk to our stylist and her client about handling their hair and kids.

Hair Stylist for 32 Years. 2 Kids.

Q1. What is the best hairstyle for a mother?

"It all depends on the mom. If they are a stay-at home mom they don't have to spend all lot of time on their hair, but if the mom is working she'll need to spend a little extra time. I do recommend that all stay at home moms leave some time to get there hair done just to relax."

Q2. How did you handle being a mother and hairstylist?

"It was always hard to leave when they were babies but I had to trust their nanny. The advantage of being a hairstyle is having super flexible hours."

Q3. What is the one thing mother's look forward to when getting their hair done?

"Having the attention to themselves. Its the one time they are not looking after someone and make time for them. Some of them call this therapy."

Q4. Anything else you want to add?

"Even though it was hard to leave them in the beginning, I'm thankful for job I have and my kids are healthy."

TARA Liz's Client/Mother of 2 kids

Q1. What is the benefit of going to a stylist that is also a mother?

* wait, Liz is a stylist? I go to Liz BECAUSE she is a mother, care taker, nurturer and gentle sweet friend. Liz really cares about me... I always leave Liz feeling better and beautiful inside and out.

Q2. What is most difficult about getting your hair done with kids?

*Liz has totally accommodated my schedule now that I'm a new mommy. Liz has invited my children to come with. There have been a few occasions where I've nursed my child while getting a blow dry.

Q3. What has changed about your hair/beauty before and after kids?

* the length of time in between appts. Liz does not shame me for this thank goodness.

Q4. How many years have you been since you've been seeing Liz?

*10 plus... maybe even 15? Wish I discovered Liz sooner


We have kids friendly environment.

Come & enjoy luxury salon experience that you deserve as mother/women. Book with Liz!!

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