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What is the Assistant's job?

Almost all hair stylists in beauty industry went through an "assistant" position. Hair salons are a creative and fun environment but we should never forget about someone

working hard behind scenes... This is what it takes to be a hair stylist!!

8:30 am Prepare for opening. Check whole day schedule to plan how to manage busy schedule and high volume of client's



9:00 am ~

Every client will

receive best

hair massage


Assistant has to have knowledge of

different types of shampoo, conditioner & treatment to help client needs.


9:00 am ~

Assistant runs around to clean, assist, blow dry, and serve coffee & tea. When they're assisting, they watch & learn stylist's techniques...

No time for rest!!


2:00 pm

Client's first. Sometimes assistant's lunch can be very late.

They have to find little time to bite food to avoid hunger...

Eat breakfast is the KEY!!


6:00 pm ~ Every Wednesday is

Hair education class. Assistant practice

with mannequins to

learn haircut, color,

balayage and more!

At Hiroshi, every assistant has to pass all the classes before becoming a stylist.


6:00 pm~ Every Thursday is model practice. Hair model come to

salon and perform service upon their request. Sometimes

assistants will stay to practice till 9~10pm...


TEST DAY Every Haircut style,

Assistant has to pass the test to move on to the next level.

They have to practice over & over to master each haircut style to prepare to become hair stylist!!


HAIR SHOW/ PHOTO, VIDEO SHOOT Hiroshi travel many places to teach at major hair shows. Assistant travel with him to assist on the stage. They also assist PHOTO, VIDEO shooting. It can be Sunday or Monday.



We celebrate staff

birthday with nice cake!! Team work is everything!!



End of the year,

they earn the gift from their hard work and study.

HIROSHI Beverly Hills work policy is

"You never

work alone.

You never

walk alone."

Team work is the most important key and reason why HIROSHI Beverly Hills keep going strong since 1978.

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