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It is a unique product that revitalizes dry and brittle hair with its milk protein and 12 essential amino acid contents.
It also provides daily deep treatment by moisturizing your hair.


Its special formula gives softness, shine and healthy look to dyed, treated and worn hair. Decreases hair fractures by increasing the elasticity of the hair.


Shake well before use. Spray to your palm and apply to the damp or dry hair by spreading evenly. Do not rinse.


  • Shine Silky Softness Elasticity Repairs the hair length Repairs the hair tip fractures
  • UV Protection Protects from environmental defects
  • Volume Traps the moisture inside Refreshes the hair scalp
  • Shows hair colors more vividly
  • Active Ingredients Sulfate and paraben free
  • 12 essential amino acids derived from milk proteins

Evoque Milk Therapy Mousse Conditioner

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