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Minnesota native, Liz moved out to LA for eager to learn from industry's best.
Liz has been at Hiroshi Beverly Hills for many years and has become known as

one of friendliest faces here at the salon.

Liz's clients know her best for creating beautifully placed, high-lights, low-lights and spot on vibrant colors that last. 

With an extensive background training with Hiroshi himself, Liz is not only master talent, but also a beautiful listener that will provide the utmost quality and results.

Her styles are practical, wearable day to day basis which perfectly fits with the lives of busy professional mothers. 

Liz's chair is always filled with women who like to maintain their stylish hair with minimal time investment in maintenance.  Liz understand them perfectly since she herself as a mother of two.

Liz is definitely Cali's 'it girl' with color -so make an appointment with Liz today and let your hair have some fun.

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