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Hiroshi, an iconic figure in the world of hairstyling, stands as a living legend and the proud owner of the esteemed "Hiroshi Beverly Hills Salon," a beacon of elegance and sophistication for more than four decades. His remarkable journey began in the quaint city of Kyoto, Japan, where his adventurous and innovative spirit found the confines of the locale too limiting for his ambitions. In his early 20s, Hiroshi embarked on a life-changing journey that led him to the epitome of beauty and luxury—Beverly Hills.

The turning point in Hiroshi's illustrious career occurred when he crossed paths with the legendary Vidal Sassoon. This encounter transformed his trajectory, propelling him into the role of the first "International Artistic Director" at the Sassoon group. With Vidal and his top-tier hairstyling team, Hiroshi traversed the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the international hairstyling landscape. The culmination of his journey led to the establishment of his own salon, "HIROSHI Beverly Hills," in 1978, a testament to his vision and dedication to the art of hairstyling.

At the heart of Hiroshi's work ethic lies a profound Buddhist faith, infusing his approach to hairstyling with a unique philosophy. He firmly believes that "Inner Beauty" forms the foundation of a captivating outer appearance. When tending to clients, Hiroshi adopts a holistic perspective, seeing beyond just the face and instilling this attitude in his dedicated staff.

Hiroshi's global influence extends far beyond the confines of his salon, as he has traveled to over 20 countries and participated in over 1,000 hair shows, with that number continually rising. A true mentor and advocate for the next generation in the beauty industry, Hiroshi finds joy in sharing the wealth of techniques and knowledge amassed over the years. His enduring legacy is not merely confined to hairstyles but is deeply rooted in a commitment to nurturing both outer and inner beauty, leaving an indomitable imprint on the world of beauty and hairstyling.

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