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Hiroshi Hair Bob


With an impressive track record spanning over three decades in the dynamic hair industry,

Bob stands as a seasoned professional equipped with a diverse skill set.

Throughout his extensive career, Bob has cultivated a devoted following of delighted clients,

a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Bob's artistic prowess shines through in precision and conceptual hair cutting, where his discerning eye seamlessly selects colors that not only complement but also elevate and complete your desired look.

His mastery extends to the meticulous execution of a flawless Brazilian Blowout, showcasing his dedication to achieving perfection in every detail.

Beyond his role as a premier stylist, Bob holds a prominent position as one of the head educators at Hiroshi Beverly Hills, further highlighting his influential role in shaping the industry.

If you appreciate stylists who prioritize careful attention to detail,

ensuring you achieve the exact results you desire,

making an appointment with Bob is an opportunity to experience unparalleled expertise and personalized care.

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Blow Dry / Styling

Brazilian Blowout

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