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With an illustrious career spanning over four decades,

Armando boasts an extensive and multifaceted journey through every facet of his craft.

His wealth of experience has touched upon diverse realms, from the glitzy world of television and movies to the sophisticated ambiance of high-end salons, including the prestigious Vidal Sassoon.

Throughout this expansive career, Armando's profound understanding of hair, coupled with his razor-sharp creativity, has garnered him a dedicated and substantial following that spans years.

Armando's expertise shines particularly in the realm of precision geometric Sassoon haircut styles, seamlessly blending timeless techniques with a modern and contemporary flair.

His mastery of this art form positions him as a true virtuoso in the industry, with a unique ability to sculpt and shape hair in ways that resonate with the latest trends while maintaining a timeless elegance.

Beyond technical proficiency, Armando excels in soft styles that not only showcase the inherent beauty of your hair but also delicately complement your individual and captivating features. His keen eye for enhancing natural attributes ensures that each hairstyle is not just a cut but an artful expression that harmonizes with your unique charm. As a result, Armando emerges not just as a hairstylist but as a consummate artist, dedicated to bringing out the best in every strand, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible mark of beauty and style.

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